May 19, 1948
born Boston, Mass.

May 1962 published first issue of Within, a science fiction fanzine

Jan 1966 published first issue of Crawdaddy! (dated Feb. 7, 1966)

March 1967 co-organizer of first New York City "Be In"

Summer 1968 founded Entwhistle Books with Chester Anderson, Joel Hack and David Hartwell

Oct 1968 left Crawdaddy! after editing first 19 issues, moved to cabin in the woods in Mendocino, California

March 1969 first book, Outlaw Blues, published

Spring 1969 wrote and assembled second book, Pushing Upward

May 1969 sang on"Give Peace a Chance" with John & Yoko and Plastic Ono Band

Dec 1969 - Feb. 1970 wrote Time Between

April 1970 moved to wilderness commune at Galley Bay, British Columbia, Canada

July 1970 wrote Das Energi, began writing Apple Bay

Summer 1971 lived briefly at Mel Lyman's Fort Hill Community, Boston and New York

Dec 1971 wrote "Right to Pass"

Feb. 1972 traveled by freighter to Japan with Raymond Mungo

July 1972 married Sachiko Kanenobu

Sept 1972 Time Between published

January 1973 Paul and Sachiko's son Kenta born in New York City

Winter 1973 published first and only issue of Rallying Point magazine

Spring 1973 Das Energi and Pushing Upward published

October 1974 interviewed Philip K. Dick for Rolling Stone

Feb 1975 Paul and Sachiko's son Taiyo born in New York City

Summer 1975 Entwhistle Books published Confessions of a Crap Artist by Philip K. Dick

Winter 1976 Paul and Sachiko and Kenta and Taiyo moved to Glen Ellen, California

Spring 1976 began ten years of service with the Glen Ellen Volunteer Fire Department

October 1976 Apple Bay published

May 1977 Right to Pass and Other True Stories published

Nov. 1997 Coming published and Entwhistle Books reactivated

Summer 1978 finished writing Heart of Gold

November - December 1979 Dylan-What Happened written and published

Summer 1980 The Book of Houses (by Robert Cole and Paul Williams) published

Summer 1981 The International Bill of Human Rights (first book edition, edited by Paul Williams) published by Entwhistle Books

Summer 1982 Common Sense published

Aug. 1983 first issue of the Philip K. Dick Society Newsletter, edited by PW, published

Sept. 1983 Donna Nassar and her children Heather and Erik began living with PW

Summer 1984 Waking Up Together published

1985 - 1986 wrote The Map, Rediscovering Rock and Roll (a Journey)

Spring 1986 Only Apparently Real published

Sept. 1986 began writing Performing Artist, The Music of Bob Dylan

Spring 1987 Remember Your Essence published

Summer 1988 The Map published

August 1988 married Donna Nassar

May 1990 Performing Artist Volume One published

June 1990 Nation of Lawyers published

Spring 1991 Heart of Gold published

Summer 1991 Fear of Truth written

Spring 1992 Bob Dylan: Performing Artist, The Middle Years published

Summer 1992 began relationship with Cindy Lee Berryhill

January 1993, revived Crawdaddy! as a quarterly newsletter

April 1993 Rock and Roll: The 100 Best Singles published

Feb. 1994 moved to Encinitas, California

Autumn 1994, The Ultimate Egoist, first volume of The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon (16- volume series edited by Paul Williams) published

June 1995 Energi Inscriptions (Fear of Truth) published

Autumn 1996 Bob Dylan: Watching the River Flow published

Spring 1997 and put on-line

July 1997 married Cindy Lee Berryhill

Autumn 1997 and Brian Wilson & the Beach Boys-How Deep Is the Ocean? published

Autumn 1997 Dieses grossartige Rock and Roll Gefhl (collection of PW rock essays) published (German language only)

Summer 1999 How to Become Fabulously Wealthy at Home in 30 Minutes published

Sept. 2000 The 20th Century's Greatest Hits published.